Cutting motion

2021-03-24 10:42:16

Cutting motion

1. Concept: When turning, the workpiece and the tool must be moved relative to each other. According to the nature and function of the movement, the turning movement is mainly divided into the rotation movement of the workpiece and the linear or curved movement of the turning tool, namely the main movement and the feed movement.

Main movement: The movement of directly removing the cutting layer on the workpiece and turning it into chips to form a new surface of the workpiece is called the main movement.

Feeding movement: The movement that causes the excess material on the workpiece to be continuously cut off is called the feeding movement.

2. The surface formed on the workpiece during turning

During the turning movement, the machined surface, the transition surface and the surface to be machined will be formed on the workpiece.

a. Processed surface: the new surface produced by turning on the workpiece with a turning tool.

b. Transition surface: the part of the surface formed by the cutting edge on the workpiece, also called the machined surface.

c. Surface to be machined: There is a surface to be cut on the workpiece.

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